NORTHWEST CBD flowers CBD 6-7% | THC<0.2%

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NORTHWEST CBD (Cannabis sativa) is naturally and organically grown on a Bulgarian farm located on the plateau of the river Struma. The climate in this region is transitional continental. Our land is highly fertile and rich in humus, and we use high-quality mineral soils. No pesticides or other chemicals are used. Hand harvested. Terpenes exhibit a smooth berry molasses scent—a delicate and sweet taste. Great mould resistance. Nurtured via irrigation system and foliar fertilisation. IMPORTANT: THE BUDS DO NOT HAVE SEEDS! Due to legislation limitations in Bulgaria, the product is sold as plant branches. While calculating our sales prices, we have considered that you might have to do some additional processing if you want to separate the buds from the branches. For further information, you can check out our website:


CBD Tot. 6-7% %
THC Tot. 0.18-0.20% %
CBG Tot. 0.02 - 0.07% %



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