Kompolti EU certified hemp planting seeds

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We have 2,5 tons of EU certified hemp planting seeds for sale. Regular, high CBD-low THC photoperiod strain for industrial production. 


Kompolti is a Hungarian dioeicous hemp variety. It has at least 5% CBD, and yields 11-12 tons of biomass/ha. THC is under 0,2%. Its flower is also rich in different terpenes. The flowering time is 52-68 days indoors. Harvest time outdoors is usually in mid october in the continental climate. It takes 145-155 days for the seeds to mature, but can be harvested for fibre after 115-120 days.

Kompolti has been grown for its fibre and seed in Hungary since 1954. The fibre content of the stem is 30-32% which makes this strain suitable for farmers interested in paper or in the green building material industry. The oil content of the seed is 24-30%. The height of the plant can reach 3,5 metres. Germination rate is 95+%.

We can also provide you more info on growing our strain personalised for your growing conditions and goals.


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CBD Tot. 5 %
THC Tot. 0,2 %
CBG Tot. %



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