10ml Premium Full spectrum organic CBD Oil

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Product Information

The indispensable basis for a natural health product is environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture. Our starting point: We rely exclusively on hardy hemp cultures that do not require chemical fertilizers or artificial irrigation.

Our work processes are optimized for the use of sustainable raw materials and reusable products. In order to preserve the high quality of the soil, we have developed a particularly gentle process for annual soil cultivation with regional partners.

Away from mass planting, we focus on accurate care of each individual plant from sowing to harvesting, working purely by hand. In this way, we can guarantee the best quality for our customers and rightly claim: All products bear our personal signature.

Our CBD oils come to an ideal active ingredient proportion. In addition, the optimized CBG content ensures a particularly round taste and recovery experience that sets us apart from many other products. With a particularly low THC value as well as THCA content, we can achieve the perfect tuning for real oil enjoyment.

To preserve the full spectrum of cannabidiol and terpenes, we use a particularly gentle extraction process with bio ethanol (alcohol). The brilliant color of our oils is created during purification over diatomaceous earth, which with its unique properties very effectively removes all potential impurities.

Transparency from cultivation to processing to the product is an indispensable quality standard for us. We meet this requirement with continuous laboratory analyses that allow a close look at the ingredients. The final product is an amber-clear CBD oil that stands out from competing products at first glance.

Our oil can be purchased in 10ml pipette vials for 25€ PPU or as literware for 2000€ PPU


CBD Tot. 10,27 %
THC Tot. 0,12 %
CBG Tot. 1,65 %


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